First Sarge

At one time he was powerful with muscle and strength. He wore stripes on his collar and soldiers cowered when he walked by. Now that is all gone, he is a mere shadow of his former self. A man with disappointments and a life almost done. He has a place he likes. A bench on …



as a youth i lived in the sun and played with fire When i became an adult the sparkle dwindled and whats left now is only smoke stained ashes.

A Moment

"Stan, where do I put the stamp on this email I want to send? Stan? Oh God, no! Stan!" "What?" "Thank Goodness, I thought you were dead." "Sadly not yet."

What are we

I Am going With Beings of corporeal light Trapped In fragile Vehicles Made of flesh And bone Undergoing selfish Journeys Of enlightenment In an infinite Universe Filled with every possible Variation of the imagination And beyond