The Day I became best friends with Robert Picardo!

    Going through my NYCC haul and decided to post some stuff I thought stood out. Sorry for the delay, its been a bit hellish around here lately. This post might also contain the worst video on the internet. I rathered watch the speech then film it, but for you all, I divided myContinue reading “The Day I became best friends with Robert Picardo!”

Mirage #10 Neil Gaiman w/ Chris Herron

*** Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on my other show Origin: Stories on Creativity. Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Itunes *** Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman is an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and films. *** Chris Herron is a is a voice actor. A graphic artist.Continue reading “Mirage #10 Neil Gaiman w/ Chris Herron”