Somewhere Else

Location set.  *** The sun shines bright. The day is warm. The breeze comforting and filled with the flavors of late summer. Maybe noon at a table in the middle of a grassy yard sounds harsh, but summer was ending and its a perfect place to collect a little sun, spend time with new friends,Continue reading “Somewhere Else”


An Attack on the Heart

With maniacal laughter, George Talbert slices through another tree. His fat arms quiver exhausted and the chainsaw buzzes mad, as if on the verge of breaking down. Talbert has felled about fifty trees so far. A whole livelihood of maples in fact. The air is pungent with revenge, sweet-sweet mapley revenge. The tall tree begins to fallContinue reading “An Attack on the Heart”


The hum of industrial strength air-conditioning keeps the insane summer heat at bay. Tristram sweats anyway. He needs this sale and has been nervous all morning for a meeting that seems to be over before it really got started. “These cups are 100% biodegradable, fossil-footprint responsible.” “Can you beat a thousand for seventy-eight,” The fat-managerContinue reading “Degradable”