MIrage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction #23 Tabaa Sahir w/ M.L. Moos

  On episode 23 of Mirage M.L. Moos and I speculate on the work by Sabaa Tahir the New York time best selling  Pakistani-American author. *** M.L. Moos is an aspiring novelist and short story author. You can find many of her short fiction on 600 second saga. http://insani-x.com/600-second-saga/ Or her website: https://mlmoos.com/ Follow herContinue reading “MIrage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction #23 Tabaa Sahir w/ M.L. Moos”

#77 Garrett Robinson

Garrett Robinson is an independent author and entrepreneur who embodies the spirit of the modern indie writer. His website: http://garrettbrobinson.com/ Follow him on Twitter: @garrettr_ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/garrettbrobinson and You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGarrettRobinson *** Music on this episode courtesy of: Kevin MacLeod ~ Mountain Emperor *** Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on my other showContinue reading “#77 Garrett Robinson”

Weekly Writing Challenge: Adventure

The Write Room’s weekly writing challenge: In 500 words (or so) use this image, Adventure by HazPainting and attempt to write a complete flash story. Post your story in the comments below for all to enjoy. Or if your story goes over the 500-word limit post a google doc link. I will post a new imageContinue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: Adventure”

Famous Last Words

The old orc stands, turning milky-blind eyes toward the intruder. He wrinkles his nose smelling the air. “Do I know you human?’ he snarls. ‘Have I tasted your blood?” The epic of the knight’s life has lead him here. “Speak!” Grunk takes a step, a withered left leg fails him. His ancient face scrunches inContinue reading “Famous Last Words”

Looking for Someplace Better

A suicidal Thomas Scanlen scrapes a bit more rock from the initials he works into the soft moss covered stone. Next to his giant T.S. is an ancient bit of writing that could be Latin and next to it a bit of Celt. Satisfied he turns and faces the roar of water behind him. They say itContinue reading “Looking for Someplace Better”

Replacing the Morning Star

A sea of Damned writhe naked under a molten lava dripping outcrop. The ground cooks in shades of reds and yellows. The stench of sulfur sits on the thick air like mold. Millions of eyes are forced up by a band of rusty metal fastened under chins. They clamor in moans filled with the agonyContinue reading “Replacing the Morning Star”

The Dragon Killer Sagas: Sigmund son of Völsung

Oh, the terror! With glowing serpent eyes the dragon Fafnir raises out of the water, his form no longer serpent, but now that of a Jötunn. On his dark face is a great foaming tangle of white sea slush and his powerful body is scaled with the rich blue of ice and water. His strengthContinue reading “The Dragon Killer Sagas: Sigmund son of Völsung”