The Beast

Toman grips the ax handle. Both fists go white with the tension. The veins running up and down both labor strengthened arms stand proud. He can smell her on the air. A bouquet so familiar it reminds him of home and childhood, spicy, but sweet and a bit savory, it mixes with the creatures muskContinue reading “The Beast”


Rom’s Choice

The sun is a disk of silver in the slate colored sky. The air is cold and filled with the beating drum of ceremony. ┬áThe drum is beat by a small female with a calf by her feet. She wears the ornaments of a tribe shaman. A small band of twenty Red Minotaur circle aContinue reading “Rom’s Choice”

The Dunes pt. 1

What kind of world is this, that a man who does not own himself can control a barge meant to kill and destroy? Be called captain? Command other men who do not own themselves? The masters are smart in that they do not dangle the promise of freedom from bondage, but the promise of freedomContinue reading “The Dunes pt. 1”