“Look Saundra, I don’t care what your hippie-dippy God says about being grounded and feeling the earth between your gross little tosie-rosies. In my unit, we wear boots.” Yes, maybe he shouldn’t be yelling at her, but he has realized, he hates her. Why? Maybe because she reminds him of a human child and notContinue reading “Uniformity”

Tam’s Soul

In this life, Tam Duc is eighty-five years old, weighs thirty-eight kilograms and travels from the Northern island of Cát Bà, to Năm Căn on the one leg remaining after meeting a French landmine 72 years ago. It is a journey of 2000 kilometers. Năm Căn is nothing more than the Southernmost tip of Vietnam.Continue reading “Tam’s Soul”

Mirage: Speculating on Speculative fiction #17 Hugh Howie with E Rachael Hardcastle

E Rachael Hardcastle joins me to discuss Hugh C. Howey an indie American writer, known best for the science fiction series Silo. *** Noah Finn and the Art of Suicide is scheduled for released on December 2nd, 2017 Noah Finn is about to commit suicide. He’s standing on the roof of the World Trade Center’sContinue reading “Mirage: Speculating on Speculative fiction #17 Hugh Howie with E Rachael Hardcastle”

#52 Bob Beers

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on other shows like Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction and my vlog: Old Walks Dog Subscribe on itunes Subscribe on stitcher Robert Lee Beers is not on Twitter or Facebook. It doesn’t agree with him. What he does is write fantasy noir detective fiction set in San FranciscoContinue reading “#52 Bob Beers”

Wish Granted

With a deep bellow the mountain raises and the Earth shakes. The ground is torn. Large roots and rocks pour from the being’s undercarriage. It moves its head, swiveling it from side to side, its mouth opening and closing, bits of stone chipping off its gnashing teeth, crashing into the forest below as its tongueContinue reading “Wish Granted”

The Pit-fighter

    Standing over the dark elf’s corpse the ogre pulls the metal pole-arm affixed to his left arm from the poor creature’s chest with a sickening plop. The massive green skinned slave opens his mouth and a sound emerges that silences all noise from the celebrating crowd. Once a chieftain the sound is ofContinue reading “The Pit-fighter”