Keray’s Little Lie

Moradin’s fecking son, Keray what’s that on your nethers, eh? Oh, tis a new style, it is, tis called armor ain’t it. You are bloody cracked son. Oh feckin feck, Perdyi, ye too? Wot? Yon cods wear’in a duck skull. Did you ell him about style Keray. Aye he knows. Keray? Yes Perdyi. This ain’tContinue reading “Keray’s Little Lie”

The Merry Merrey Alle

The night fades as a blot of grey passing for the sun slithers out from behind the horizon. The captain of the clipper, named Marrey Alle, is a short man with dwarf blood running through his veins. He stands near the wheel with his grey eyes on the brackish water behind. His thick reddish brownContinue reading “The Merry Merrey Alle”


Droken sits a bit away from the rest of his party. He is thinking about stuff that bothers him. He decides elves bother him and he doesn’t like them. He thinks they are shiny and smell like flowers and they look too soft and their hair shimmers like cloudless nights after a deep snowfall. AsContinue reading “Droken”