Hell is, knowing that things end because that’s what they do. They end and change and become something different. It is both the curse and a blessing of existence. It’s after his last death that things switched from normal to this, surrounded by a nothing, a purple nothing that felt like static or white noiseContinue reading “Hell”


Shit, death is painless. Here among nothing pointed to the cliche of an afterlife, a bright light. He smells nothing. He feels nothing. But he knows he is and that is enough to give him confidence as images from his life begin to bombard him. Birth, bloody mess that was, mother- white with exhaustion andContinue reading “Repercussions”

Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction #55 Death in Storytelling W/ Varla Ventura

.     Go to http://www.bryanaiello.com for links to subscribe to podcast feed and for the YouTube channel. Origin: Stories on Creativity #93 Varla Ventura On episode 55 of Mirage, Varla Ventura returns to discuss death in storytelling *** Varla Ventura doesn’t just have the best name in writing, she is also a scholar ofContinue reading “Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction #55 Death in Storytelling W/ Varla Ventura”

Tam’s Soul

In this life, Tam Duc is eighty-five years old, weighs thirty-eight kilograms and travels from the Northern island of Cát Bà, to Năm Căn on the one leg remaining after meeting a French landmine 72 years ago. It is a journey of 2000 kilometers. Năm Căn is nothing more than the Southernmost tip of Vietnam.Continue reading “Tam’s Soul”

#83 Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson Is a musician and author. His new short story collection is called “For a Glimpse beyond the Terminus,” for information check the link below for his Amazon author page or his website. Jordan calls the Pacific North West home. *** Website: https://jordanandersonfiction.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/JAndersFiction?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fjordanandersonfiction.com%2F Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP6FR5MJjYzImM7sgx1RP2g Amazon Author page: Subscribe to my YouTubeContinue reading “#83 Jordan Anderson”

29 Rapp

With blood-speckled lips he speaks his final words, “my sweet,” then nothing. His soulmate drops his hand, bringing her own to the silent scream pouring from her mouth. *** The death blow came from a gargoyle pushed from above. She wants to shout that he’s an artist, a stone mason’s son, he only looks rich.Continue reading “29 Rapp”

#13 J. M. Debord

Jason DeBord is an expert on Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Guatav Jung He is Author of the book: The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings More information can be found on him and his work on his website and blog: dreams123.net Facebook: facebook.com/interpretdreams He also moderates the subreddit: u/radowl r/jung, http://jung,reddit.com. and interpretsContinue reading “#13 J. M. Debord”

City of Thought

“What is it?” asks the boy. He has asked many questions. “It is the city that houses the intellect of the Universe,” says the old man who holds his hand. He is patient and kind and has been answering the boy’s every query since their journey began many moments ago. Time is an illusion. TheyContinue reading “City of Thought”

On a Battlefield

Elizabeth is dead. There was no other thing this could be. She remembers what was. The moment past. She was in the heat of battle, thrusting her sword through the abdomen of a hookman and the next she was bathed in this white light. The smell of death and blood soaked sod, the excrement ofContinue reading “On a Battlefield”


The Cargo ship tips and faces the ocean it floats above with a sense of defiance. It loses, rumbling down the steep wave and crashing, submerging the bow before slamming back prone against the water. The movement brought everyone in the engine room looking for something to grab onto. Those lucky enough to find somethingContinue reading “Refuge”