#91 Nico J. Genes

Nico J. Genes was born in Romania during communist reign. We talked about life under behind the iron curtain and finding the bravery to take a break from a professional life to do what’s in your soul. Nico is the author of The Reverie series Nico’s website: Twitter: Facebook: *** Music onContinue reading “#91 Nico J. Genes”


Mirage #27 Laura Ingall Wilder W/ Nancy Quinn

Nancy Quinn and I discuss Laura Ingall Wilder and her classic series, “Little House on the Praire.” We speculate on her daughter rose and her involvement in the development of the novels. Nancy is an internationally recognized wildlife artist whose work is noted for its detail and accuracy. She is the recipient of two WorldContinue reading “Mirage #27 Laura Ingall Wilder W/ Nancy Quinn”

#90 E. Rachael Hardcastle

Rachael Hardcastle is a publisher of fantasy and science fiction stories. She has even been known to offer a few herself. She is also a creative writing instructor and editor. She writes from her home in Bradford, West Yorkshire in the UK. She has been a student of the craft of writing since early 2010Continue reading “#90 E. Rachael Hardcastle”

Mirage: #26 Supernatural Folklore w/ Varla Ventura

On episode 26 of Mirage, Varla Ventura returns! We discuss mermaids, ghosts and delve a bit into the afterlife. *** Varla Ventura doesn’t just have the best name in writing, she is also a scholar of the occult, paranormal, and dream theorist. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and she has written six books with aContinue reading “Mirage: #26 Supernatural Folklore w/ Varla Ventura”

#89 T.A. Hernandez

  T.A. Hernandez is an author of speculative fiction and children’s literature.   link to her  website : Twitter: Facebook: *** Music on this episode courtesy of: Kevin MacLeod Mountain Emperor *** Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on my other show Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction. Subscribe onContinue reading “#89 T.A. Hernandez”

Mirage: #25 Stanislaw Lem W/ Ira Nayman

  On episode 25 of Mirage, Ira Nayman and I discuss the life and work of Soviet Author Stanislaw Lem author of Solaris. Stanisław Herman Lem was a Polish writer of science fiction, philosophy, and satire, and a trained physician. Lem’s books have been translated into 41 languages and have sold over 45 million copies.Continue reading “Mirage: #25 Stanislaw Lem W/ Ira Nayman”