Long Ago

The tour guide stops and sighs, “this is one of my favorite exhibits in the entire museum. You’ll notice there’s an actual outside beyond that window. It’s not just a picture, this little girl’s bedroom overlooked Broadway and Sixty-Sixth street. If you listen carefully there is a soundtrack playing of long ago New York City.Continue reading “Long Ago”

Sebastian’s Baby

A dusty brown sky lays on the horizon. It’s a day like yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. Maybe it’s been decades. Maybe the sky was never blue and the air never warm. Maybe life was always this steamy hot, bleak emptiness. Sebastian isn’t sure. He is a day toContinue reading “Sebastian’s Baby”

Sebestian’s Walk

Part 1 Sebastian stands above the yawning maw of blackness that is now the New York City underground. The jagged crumbles around him once stood over the 96th street subway station. The street and building ripple back in a bilbao esque pile of asphalt. The underground entrance was built in the middle of Broadway duringContinue reading “Sebestian’s Walk”

…and Then Things Go Boom

It takes twenty-two minutes for a ballistic missile to reach its intended target. From launch to explosion. The population of the targeted country probably wouldn’t even know until after millions of people have already died that an attack has been initiated. Take Robert Conroy the third: He is watching the Yankees lose to the Mets.Continue reading “…and Then Things Go Boom”

A Bit Different and Nothing the Same

He sets his alarm for six on the weekend. He likes to get an early start on things. Even on Saturday. Coffee and a cigarette is the third part to Tony’s wake up ritual. The first part is a cigarette while laying in bed listening to the traffic work its way south on Broadway. HeContinue reading “A Bit Different and Nothing the Same”


Benjamin stands at what use to be the 23rd street entrance to the FDR. The salty air from the tidal estuary, that was once known as the East river, is fresh and inviting. He wishes he could just go for a little swim. Time is against that desire though. Benjamin is tall for his age,Continue reading “Benjamin”

Talia in the Dark

The world ends not with a bang, but with a whimper, at least for Talia Gould. She was an engineer with Crest Weapons. She worked R and D in a lab at a secure location two levels below ground buried under a military grade concrete sub-floor and surrounded by steel reinforced walls. The lab hasContinue reading “Talia in the Dark”