Pet Shopping

“But daddy I wanted one of the cute humans, this one is all sad and fat.” Fat, I think poking my midriff, I am not fat, “excuse me?” I begin hoping to get the older green blob to turn back around from the instrument panel he uses to navigate the craft out of the EarthenContinue reading “Pet Shopping”

It’s Whatever You Want

It looked the same, right down to the stars in the sky. He felt he could open the door and see Darla working the bar, pouring a glass of red, selling yesterdays fish as today’s special. Like he was not eighty light years away crashed on an icy moon circling a dead planet, but thatContinue reading “It’s Whatever You Want”


Susan Tabalucci’s friends called her Trixie. She worked at the Virgin Record store at 23rd and Park in Manhattan. The date she disappeared was June 1st, 2009. Thirteen days later the store would close officially, but really had been closed since the first when a convoy of black SUV’s driven by men in black suitsContinue reading “Trixie”