Black with rage the boy storms the iron-clad beast. His enemy sets his feet in rust spotted sabatons and his legs form a bridge over the unconscious girl. He smiles his rotten tooth smile and crooks his index finger “Come along little doggy,” he whispers with a raspy voice. The would-be warrior grunts with effortContinue reading “Missed”

#71 E. Rachael Hardcastle

Noah Finn and the Art of Suicide is scheduled for released on December 2nd, 2017 Noah Finn is about to commit suicide. He’s standing on the roof of the World Trade Center’s north tower when American Airlines Flight 11 crashes into the building. ​ Greeted by a man who calls himself Christopher Saint on aContinue reading “#71 E. Rachael Hardcastle”

29 Rapp

With blood-speckled lips he speaks his final words, “my sweet,” then nothing. His soulmate drops his hand, bringing her own to the silent scream pouring from her mouth. *** The death blow came from a gargoyle pushed from above. She wants to shout that he’s an artist, a stone mason’s son, he only looks rich.Continue reading “29 Rapp”