From Nowhere

From No Where Cover

On an Earth with no bananas, billionaire Horace Fugger wants to clean the slate and start things over. Sadly for him, no one cares what he does with his gene manipulation and space travel empire.

Those petty concerns are dwarfed by global warfare and the vast amounts of recreational drugs available.

The most popular music personality in the country has won the presidency and life is a party, for those inside the bubble.

Contending with the mess outside the Seattle bubble is Sara Bright, a chemist and gene experimenter who lives her whole life in the slums and wants to light the world on fire.

Maybe George can stop her from doing it. He has no last name, lost two appendages in the Mexico Border war and his only skill is murder.

God help them if they ever get together, maybe, if he has the time, he could help the rest of humanity out a bit also.