Compounded Interest: A novel

Ci cover

*Soon to be republished

Compounded Interest is an Urban Fantasy that takes place in the middle of a global war where opiates flow like water, bodies fall like twigs and bullets fly indiscriminately.

From Nigeria Major finds himself living in Atlanta Georgia. He has fought his entire life to escape bloodshed to only find himself time and time again on a new battlefield of the same old conflict.

He is a tired warrior, a ronin, muscle for hire. He has killed for food, a paycheck and for mercy.

But now he must decide if he wants to kill for revenge when he has nothing left to live for.

He has lost his gun, enough money to start a new life and his girl and with all that the next generation of soldier is coming after him. They want him dead, but if they can get the money and his gun that’s all the better.

This novel goes from the slums of Atlanta to the hills of Appalachia and dives deep into the psyche of the characters as they complete their own quests.

Available soon on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.