A nameless boy stares into the night sky. The moon, also known to some as Pheobe, glows speculative there and waxes the small world of his tribe into a new hunting season. The last before the snows come. An important one for the small band of sapiens if they are going to survive until theContinue reading “Nameless”

Jesus of When

The betrayal. The sting of whip and plunge of nail and spear. The burden of dragging hundreds of pounds on a back lacerated to ribbons. Of the jeering crowd, “king of the Jews,” echoing in my head. A crown of thorns and ugly Latin words raining down on me like fists as soldiers laugh andContinue reading “Jesus of When”

Sibling Jealousy

“Nido is a little bitch,” the All-father mumbles as if having a bit of a debate with himself.   “Excuse me, ole father-of-men?” Olga was shocked to hear Odin speak so horribly about his little brother. The one-eyed god was drunk, though, that was obvious, so maybe it was forgivable.   “Nevermind Olga, my problemsContinue reading “Sibling Jealousy”


This tale begins with a war between the God Poseidon and the Goddess Athena. They fought for the land of Athens. A beautiful place on the Myrtoan Sea. Their bloody war was almost endless. They threw their worshipers against each other until the sea was red from blood. They killed off so many people thatContinue reading “Medusa”