He is a monster of a man wrapped in heavy chain and shackled at the wrists and ankles. He has been dressed in a frayed orange jumpsuit. He sits in a glass box. There are hundreds of other glass boxes filled with criminals. The screaming and crying and scrape of chair against cement and clangContinue reading “Exile”

One Gnome, Two Gnome, Three Gnomes Gone

Two men hide in lakeside shrubbery on a ground slick and muddy. The air is chilly and their breath comes out like thick fog. They both stare across the lake at a palace framed by a sun escaping the encroaching night behind nearby mountains leaving brilliant shades of reds and oranges in its wake. TheContinue reading “One Gnome, Two Gnome, Three Gnomes Gone”

A Marine

  He enlisted in the marines on the ninth of December 1941, two days after Pearl Harbor, while still drunk. His buddy Carl was so blasted the recruiter made him wait a day before joining up saying “This boy’s just too primed.” Peter McGrew joined the Marines not because they were the best, because theyContinue reading “A Marine”

Sebastian’s Baby

A dusty brown sky lays on the horizon. It’s a day like yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. Maybe it’s been decades. Maybe the sky was never blue and the air never warm. Maybe life was always this steamy hot, bleak emptiness. Sebastian isn’t sure. He is a day toContinue reading “Sebastian’s Baby”

11 of The Best Online Short Stories

To be a writer it is important to read and know the craft. Here are a few of the short fiction pieces that have moved me over the last year. I am always looking for new short fiction. Especially pieces found online that I can share. Enjoy! The Raft by Stephen King The Ones WhoContinue reading “11 of The Best Online Short Stories”

The R

The R pulled into Union. I followed a tall woman dressed in black onto the car. I stood at the front and scanned the passengers. To my left, two empty seats and a woman on whose head a colorful scarf sat. It had many shades but seemed red as a whole. She didn’t seem thatContinue reading “The R”


An ogre’s head rolls out of a blood-stained burlap sack with a sickening plop. The garroter is a man named Jon. He huffs, irritated. It is too late to move the parchment; it is ruined. Instead he moves his gaze from the besmirched paper to the milky-eyed lifeless gaze and brown snaggletooth gaping jaw ofContinue reading “Clancy”

The Staircase

The Soul considers himself male. It’s an echo from the many lives he has lived. It doesn’t matter. It’s a small thing really. And sometimes it is not even an option. It wasn’t as a Sea urchin living blissfully under a warm sea, or a worm clinging desperately to the hull of Tenervian space vessel,Continue reading “The Staircase”

One More for the Road

Why do you even bother wiping shaving cream on your face? Do you think it matters? Think people will notice you’ve shorn off that one day’s worth of scruff? Maybe you think your face looks more innocent without hair? But you aren’t innocent, are you? Why don’t you take that razor and shove it deepContinue reading “One More for the Road”