Rare Earth

“Twelve billion dollars to shovel dirt.” “And finding the first Martian fossil? Priceless! Wouldn’t want to give that honor to Rover Two, now would we Commander Martin?” Tony Martin has a PhD in astrobiology from Cambridge and one of the worst attitudes in the space program. “Come on Bruce, you know life does not existContinue reading “Rare Earth”

Life Begets Life

Astronaut Jack Kelly is an asshole. He is the type of handsome fuck that seems to have it all. All the ladies, toys and luck. He has been given the best education opportunities. Has the best attitude and now he has just become first to discover the origins of humanity.   Found God if youContinue reading “Life Begets Life”

The Light

“You murdered your son?” The killer’s name is Samuel Kaine and the muscles in his jaw bunch behind his once ginger beard. He is thinking through his answer. Tabitha can see him circling the same lie he’s been using for decades while undressing her with his hungry angry eyes. Tabitha is not very noticeable underContinue reading “The Light”

…and Then Things Go Boom

It takes twenty-two minutes for a ballistic missile to reach its intended target. From launch to explosion. The population of the targeted country probably wouldn’t even know until after millions of people have already died that an attack has been initiated. Take Robert Conroy the third: He is watching the Yankees lose to the Mets.Continue reading “…and Then Things Go Boom”

A Bit Different and Nothing the Same

He sets his alarm for six on the weekend. He likes to get an early start on things. Even on Saturday. Coffee and a cigarette is the third part to Tony’s wake up ritual. The first part is a cigarette while laying in bed listening to the traffic work its way south on Broadway. HeContinue reading “A Bit Different and Nothing the Same”


Benjamin stands at what use to be the 23rd street entrance to the FDR. The salty air from the tidal estuary, that was once known as the East river, is fresh and inviting. He wishes he could just go for a little swim. Time is against that desire though. Benjamin is tall for his age,Continue reading “Benjamin”

Hermes II

A transport ship swings down and enters the first runway gate. It moves slow. Its two plasma engines glowing a dull yellow. The craft’s designation on the grey hull is written in chipped white paint, it reads SF 92/902. A little boy sits on his daddy’s shoulders watching. He asks, “is that them?” The boyContinue reading “Hermes II”

NGC 6814

“There are definitely humans in that thing.” It was a strange comment about the fast approaching Galaxy. One which gave the crew who heard it pause. The first mate a man most called Watty, whose given name was Saul, turned to the Chief Engineer and smirked, the small dark skinned man he had come toContinue reading “NGC 6814”

Progeny of Daisy

Retired Navy Captain John Kelly has started his one hundred and twenty-seventh day in space. He has not slept in many weeks and needs to aim the surgical scalpel a second time at the matured plant in front of him, red leaf romaine. While doing so he hums a flat tone. The same tone heContinue reading “Progeny of Daisy”