The red orc’s name is Dur, or possible that was just the sound his mother made when he was around, either or he came to answer to it. Dur stands over a box of pizza. Antonio’s Pizzeria is scrawled on top in red bubbled cursive with a generic Italian chef holding a cartoon pizza inContinue reading “Mimic”

The Curse of Nokis

Every generation Nokis is there to die. Why? He ran. According to Ares that made him a coward. Fuck Ares. Nokis had had enough. He is sinewy muscle and gold skinned from ten years fighting a war. The dirt and blood and disease and the constant pang of gut crunching fear. Injury and infection. BlisteredContinue reading “The Curse of Nokis”

NGC 6814

“There are definitely humans in that thing.” It was a strange comment about the fast approaching Galaxy. One which gave the crew who heard it pause. The first mate a man most called Watty, whose given name was Saul, turned to the Chief Engineer and smirked, the small dark skinned man he had come toContinue reading “NGC 6814”


Droken sits a bit away from the rest of his party. He is thinking about stuff that bothers him. He decides elves bother him and he doesn’t like them. He thinks they are shiny and smell like flowers and they look too soft and their hair shimmers like cloudless nights after a deep snowfall. AsContinue reading “Droken”

The Amberg

  By 1944 the Polish resistance has been crushed. Half a million of Warsaw’s citizens are dead rotting in destroyed building or in plain sight on the street. The survivors of what was once a vibrant cityscape scurry about like vermin in a living nightmare. They look for any way to survive, but know death isContinue reading “The Amberg”