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11 of The Best Online Short Stories

To be a writer it is important to read and know the craft. Here are a few of the short fiction pieces that have moved me over the last year. I am always looking for new short fiction. Especially pieces found online that I can share. Enjoy! The Raft by Stephen King The Ones WhoContinue reading “11 of The Best Online Short Stories”

On Writing: How to Write Flash Fiction

  I love flash fiction. It’s quick fun and exciting. It’s the right sequence of actions. It’s an exercise in brevity, of choosing the right words, of the hack and slash editorial style, or as Faulkner said, “killing one’s babies.”   So much relationship exists between what’s being said that even in a story thatContinue reading “On Writing: How to Write Flash Fiction”

On Writing: Picking a Title

For Juliet, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but a story with a title that doesn’t sing to a reader will most likely go unread. When crafting title you must first answer some questions. First question to answer is what’s your story about? My first novel is about revenge. So IContinue reading “On Writing: Picking a Title”