Dr. Paul Reeves talks with me about my novel


On Critique

The paths we pick in story vary in length, complication and difficulty. Each are all our own. Some may seem easier then others to start and get more complicated as they go on. We may share the ups and down with others, some with people hand picked, often with strangers we would rather not travel …

My novel is officially on Amazon!

Compounded Interest is a novel about revenge with a love and greed crunchy topping. I am so excited to share this story with my follows and the world. Leave me a review also. It really helps others notice the work.

Writing is

The Albatros that follows me around Potentially for the entrity of my life Where every time I think I finish a story Another plot crops up Another character Another scene Meaning I just write and write and write and so on and on and on until  the day I die leaving millions of words behind …