Holy Dead

The private stands just outside the still-smoking ruins of the catholic church. He wants to look for gold, in fact he’d consider any precious metal a nice find. Little melted droplets of riches he can send home and have mama save for him until when the war ends. Yet he stands in what once wasContinue reading “Holy Dead”

A Soldier’s End

Once, their blood ran hot. It ran and ran and ran and no one could stop it. They died doing things they wished they never had to do. They were forced by point of gun to achieve whatever ridiculous thing that was asked. Take that hill, defend this bridge, shoot that way. Suppress, suppress, suppress,Continue reading “A Soldier’s End”

On an FTX

The boy is a trained killer in woodland-camo, rip-sole jungle boots, a kevlar helmet and a scowl. He digs shovelfuls of wet sucking mud from a hole. Drenched and miserable, he is sick as fuck of the army and all its machinations. The hole is for a sixty-caliber machine gun that will be aimed atContinue reading “On an FTX”