It smells like melting tar and burning wood, unwashed men, rotting teeth and freshly turned dirt, old whiskey, sick, piss and shit. Its pungent and raw. The road here was so empty and peaceful, but with the hush of hidden death hiding just below the green leafy canopy of forest and hills. Now death isContinue reading “Deadwood”


Hermes II

A transport ship swings down and enters the first runway gate. It moves slow. Its two plasma engines glowing a dull yellow. The craft’s designation on the grey hull is written in chipped white paint, it reads SF 92/902. A little boy sits on his daddy’s shoulders watching. He asks, “is that them?” The boyContinue reading “Hermes II”

NYC: A Trucker’s Last Day

Don’t worry, this guy didn’t really want to drive trucks. His real dream was to move to New York City and dance cabaret in drag at Lucky Cheng’s. I like to think once it set in how fucked he was, he pulled his three hundred pound, six foot seven inch body from the wreckage, took outContinue reading “NYC: A Trucker’s Last Day”