This is the End

of a war that lasted 265 years an old war and old hates filled with bloody battle after bloody battle no family untouched death famine sickness bodies lingering piled up like disappointment no one cares At one time righteous victory was sought wrongs righted then it was about taking back┬áloss than revenge then a horrible …


Deeply Held Nightmares

In dark shadows and Murky deapth Sharp teeth with Brusing bite Useless fight Stength ebbs Preassure builds Punch of opportunists The pull of flesh The tight band of death Cascading Over soft eyes and Realization This is it Nothing Left but Lungs sucking At Adam's Ale.

A Little Clowning

At night I feel free The blissful roar of traffic The slowly coagulating blood on my fingers The faint stirs of life under my knees The whispered pleading Life completed Le sigh Victims come and go, but you look like you could use a laugh. Would you like to laugh with me? How about a …