The Girl and a Sniper

While watching videos on the internet, not long ago, she found herself in that dark corner of the web filled with stuff one never seeks and can never forget when once seen. She sat watching one of her favorite songs playing over a video of a U.S. soldier directing traffic at an intersection. The songContinue reading “The Girl and a Sniper”


When the elder-Gods send their spawn through the deadness of space, things happen to their bodies. To survive the journey they harden and next they group together. Dozens of little parasites clustered in the center of giant moon-sized objects jettisoned out into space at a speed that eventually breaks Einstein’s little limitation. Over the distance,Continue reading “spawn”

The Thing that Maria is

White phosphorous stains the mind in suffering. First It sticks to the uniform then melts through to the skin, muscle, bone, and from bone to death, leaving nothing but hot white ash. Fucking Brody put that in her head and she thinks about it now as she drives her M8 out onto the muddy plantainContinue reading “The Thing that Maria is”

On an FTX

The boy is a trained killer in woodland-camo, rip-sole jungle boots, a kevlar helmet and a scowl. He digs shovelfuls of wet sucking mud from a hole. Drenched and miserable, he is sick as fuck of the army and all its machinations. The hole is for a sixty-caliber machine gun that will be aimed atContinue reading “On an FTX”

Space Marine

Harold fingers the button behind his ear but decides not yet. Maybe he can make it tonight without it. Maybe the last time was in fact the last time. Maybe he won’t have to remember, he hopes, even as the memories begin to drip into his thoughts. Harold is a veteran. He fought on Europa.Continue reading “Space Marine”


“The clock is stopped at 3:45. Think that was morning or night?” Steve asks. He is feeling overly talkative and knows Paul doesn’t like it when he gets chatty, but he’s nervous. Something about the old train station. Maybe it’s the history. Maybe how this whole city went from vibrant spring day to fiery nightmareContinue reading “3:45”