Grand-pa chuckles, “Einstein’s fault, really. He didn’t want them to drop the bomb. Called it the Great Green Day. Humanities last chance, and I volunteered us. I don’t know what to ask first, so many questions occur to me all at once. Us? What the— But I am getting excited, and that helps no one,Continue reading “Time-Pilot”

How to Build a Starship

Think about the designer. Play around with the idea of famous car guys, and tons of rocket guys, and shipbuilders. Read quotes and books (Wikipedia) on what they said about their machines and craft. It’s a love affair, right? There is competition (think Edison and Tesla). There’s a desire to do it their way andContinue reading “How to Build a Starship”

The Uselessness of Timetravel

There are certain evils in humanity’s history that should be covered up and forgotten for all time. Most concern bending the natural order of things, of twisting physics and chemistry, of combining two creatures that shouldn’t go together. And he was told long ago, months, or however time works now, the McPizza will be yourContinue reading “The Uselessness of Timetravel”


There is an art to joining broken things together. To mending the unmendable. To making right great wrongs. The words, spoken though, by the former Chinese president as the world watched, don’t erase what was lost, the millions of lives. The poverty, hunger, civil unrest. And a lever was pulled. Judgment complete. “Give them Koolaide,”Continue reading “Ruined”

A Feast in Greeting

My stomach rumbles at you in greeting. You certainly pique a certain type of interest. Perhaps a celebration is in order. My culture dictates the guest of honor must be fed. Why do you try and escape? Yes, I think rope and a trussing seems appropriate, nice suggestion. Language barrier be damned, am I right?Continue reading “A Feast in Greeting”

The Girl and a Sniper

While watching videos on the internet, not long ago, she found herself in that dark corner of the web filled with stuff one never seeks and can never forget when once seen. She sat watching one of her favorite songs playing over a video of a U.S. soldier directing traffic at an intersection. The songContinue reading “The Girl and a Sniper”