A boy stares into the night sky. The moon, also known to some as Pheobe, glows speculative there and waxes the small world of the tribe into a new hunting season. The last before the snows come. An important one for the small band of sapiens if they are going to survive until the flowersContinue reading “Nameless”

A Wound

The medic forces himself to assess. Swollen, maybe the whole leg. His whole body hurts from clenching from the agony of severe injury for half a day without treatment. Teeth gritting. Tight eyes. Dried tears on face. Smeared crusty blood. Clothing glued to the body with blood. Every touch elicits a response. Anger. Yelling. Thrashing.Continue reading “A Wound”

Jesus of When

The betrayal. The sting of whip and plunge of nail and spear. The burden of dragging hundreds of pounds on a back lacerated to ribbons. Of the jeering crowd, “king of the Jews,” echoing in my head. A crown of thorns and ugly Latin words raining down on me like fists as soldiers laugh andContinue reading “Jesus of When”

Sibling Jealousy

“Nido is a little bitch,” the All-father mumbles as if having a bit of a debate with himself.   “Excuse me, ole father-of-men?” Olga was shocked to hear Odin speak so horribly about his little brother. The one-eyed god was drunk, though, that was obvious, so maybe it was forgivable.   “Nevermind Olga, my problemsContinue reading “Sibling Jealousy”