A Plague

The Guardsman fills in his daily log entry, noting in the book: –Three men lost, same damn juvenile owlbears. Reminder! Soon they will be adult owlbears! He thinks about adding another exclamation point, but decides he is too tired. He just finished a patrol that started with a team of four, unscathed, and with justContinue reading “A Plague”

A Simple Royal-Real-Estate Transaction

The empty unkept land ran away from his sight as the blood leaked from his body. All for what was so plainly abundant around him. Lunacy, madness and greed, all his, of course. And his bride said it would be his doom. At least not her’s. He would sigh in relief at that, but thoseContinue reading “A Simple Royal-Real-Estate Transaction”


Bartholomew knows the group is in combat. He isn’t stupid. He is, in fact, the most intelligent creature known to exist. “Who cares,” screams the crude man in steel-plate swinging a rude looking cudgel to smash in the frontal lobe of the two-legged small dog-like creature assailing him. “Just do something magic and aim itContinue reading “Bartholomew”