The Dunes pt. 2

  Continued from part 1     And the boy comes. He crawls over the rusting haul. He notices small drifts of powdery sand. He sees chips of old paint. He feels the heat of the dying day on his sun blistered back.  He crawls into the shadow of the living decay. The boot ofContinue reading “The Dunes pt. 2”

A Last Cigarette

I think of my last cigarette. I smoked it on my fire-escape in Brooklyn. Across the street a woman got dressed with her curtains open. I felt shame for smoking and accidentally becoming a peeping Tom. She was vaguely human shaped, but I knew she was naked for the brief moments I sat there watching.Continue reading “A Last Cigarette”

The Rover

The rover had been given the command to stop five minutes ago. The new command was take and send a photo. All of the engineers waited. A quiet developed loud in its intensity. They have to wait five more minutes for the image to arrive. One of the junior air force guys tries to whisper,Continue reading “The Rover”

Remember Her

  “Do you remember the woman at the wedding, she gave that long speech. Cried the whole time?” my wife asked.  “Then danced the rest of the night?” “Yeah.” I acknowledged I did remember her. “She died.” I was shocked, It didn’t feel right. My memory of that woman and death did not fit together.Continue reading “Remember Her”


I stand in a small halo of yellow light cast from the single incandescent bulb swinging naked in the Gulf breeze. The light dangles from a black cord hung from the plywood ceiling covering the front porch. The house attached is not well maintained. Paint is a long forgotten memory here. The rustle of palmContinue reading “Jeffery”

NGC 6814

“There are definitely humans in that thing.” It was a strange comment about the fast approaching Galaxy. One which gave the crew who heard it pause. The first mate a man most called Watty, whose given name was Saul, turned to the Chief Engineer and smirked, the small dark skinned man he had come toContinue reading “NGC 6814”


Droken sits a bit away from the rest of his party. He is thinking about stuff that bothers him. He decides elves bother him and he doesn’t like them. He thinks they are shiny and smell like flowers and they look too soft and their hair shimmers like cloudless nights after a deep snowfall. AsContinue reading “Droken”

Space Marine

Harold fingers the button behind his ear but decides not yet. Maybe he can make it tonight without it. Maybe the last time was in fact the last time. Maybe he won’t have to remember, he hopes, even as the memories begin to drip into his thoughts. Harold is a veteran. He fought on Europa.Continue reading “Space Marine”