Divine Fabrication

She did as told. God’s one true warrior. Steel swinging bitch of the word. Chuckling darkly a fresh wave of pain rolls up her side. She grips the crossbow bolt protruding from her belly as if that could prevent more anguish. It does not. She is covered in sweat and blood, the mud alone weighsContinue reading “Divine Fabrication”

Young Ye’ Old Ye’ Dead Ye’

Leaves swirl from the ground in a sudden wind. A wind five-year-old Ye’ Ruo thinks left her mouth along with the words of her wish. A wish uttered hushed and filled with sorrow. She wished simply to, “help.” The wind howls and churns the remains of summer in a cyclone of red and yellow. TheContinue reading “Young Ye’ Old Ye’ Dead Ye’”

The Illusion of Comfort

The pass is black with shadows. A bitter wind eats at the exposed skin of the brother and sister as they push through. They trudge through ice-crusted snow that breaks with each step plunging their legs knee-deep into the powder. Their homespun breeches and leather ankle booties do nothing to ward off the cold. MarineContinue reading “The Illusion of Comfort”

The Sacrifice

God is the sudden appearance of warmth and light. The mountain is silent. The wind has stopped. The sun is bright yellow in the billowing high mountain fog. Abrham collapses. His legs no longer support his weight. His breath is haggard and his vision blurs. At the end, despite the beautiful passage of the sun,Continue reading “The Sacrifice”

The Thing that Maria is

White phosphorous stains the mind in suffering. First It sticks to the uniform then melts through to the skin, muscle, bone, and from bone to death, leaving nothing but hot white ash. Fucking Brody put that in her head and she thinks about it now as she drives her M8 out onto the muddy plantainContinue reading “The Thing that Maria is”

Fight Night

Loud bass echoes. A fight breaks out in the back. The impromptu violence competes with the music in the lowest level of the condemned multi structure garage. The situation gets dangerous fast and a gun goes off. Following the shot, a shrill cry of “No, no, not Morris, no,” bounces off the cold, wet cementContinue reading “Fight Night”

Dive Bar

The place is on the water. It has little umbrellas that have frayed in the wind. The fresh salty air from the gulf can’t penetrate the smells of stale beer and greasy food that surround the plywood structure like a fugue. Gulls circle looking for morsels of food. With protesting squawks they fly off whenContinue reading “Dive Bar”