For Glory

The king’s arm shoot skywards. The sword encrusted in his hand glows a rusty red in the noon sun. Some from the line whisper it is on fire. Zeus commands the king’s destiny. The older warriors know better though. They shake their head. The truth is many will die today. That’s the truth. Lots ofContinue reading “For Glory”

The Monk that Failed

The monk knows only chaos. But he meditates. His soul races. Yet he has stilled his breath and heart and brain. His tranquility is threatened. He doubts he will ever know peace. This wish complicates his existence. It’s a desire. He cannot let his want go. He fears never being able to attain greatness becauseContinue reading “The Monk that Failed”

The Dragon Killer Sagas: Sigmund son of Völsung

Oh, the terror! With glowing serpent eyes the dragon Fafnir raises out of the water, his form no longer serpent, but now that of a Jötunn. On his dark face is a great foaming tangle of white sea slush and his powerful body is scaled with the rich blue of ice and water. His strengthContinue reading “The Dragon Killer Sagas: Sigmund son of Völsung”


Droken sits a bit away from the rest of his party. He is thinking about stuff that bothers him. He decides elves bother him and he doesn’t like them. He thinks they are shiny and smell like flowers and they look too soft and their hair shimmers like cloudless nights after a deep snowfall. AsContinue reading “Droken”

The Pit-fighter

    Standing over the dark elf’s corpse the ogre pulls the metal pole-arm affixed to his left arm from the poor creature’s chest with a sickening plop. The massive green skinned slave opens his mouth and a sound emerges that silences all noise from the celebrating crowd. Once a chieftain the sound is ofContinue reading “The Pit-fighter”

The Bard and Ser Gerald

      Ser Gerald attacks. A gleaming sword held high in his expert fist. He tossed his shield. It would be worthless in this fight. The hill giant looks amused. He is a hairy brute, naked with a roll of fat hiding his manhood. He stands taller then a two story house and weighsContinue reading “The Bard and Ser Gerald”