The Sun crests with a blazing blast of yellow light just as one of the grey ramshackle dwellings sitting on the lip of the rocky cliff gives up in its fight with gravity and shifts with a crack of dry alpine wood. The unexpected screams of terror of those inside, echo against the wet graniteContinue reading “Lichen”


Fight Night

Loud bass echoes. A fight breaks out in the back. The impromptu violence competes with the music in the lowest level of the condemned multi structure garage. The situation gets dangerous fast and a gun goes off. Following the shot, a shrill cry of “No, no, not Morris, no,” bounces off the cold, wet cementContinue reading “Fight Night”

Out West

The remnants of the fort are five or six black ashy posts sticking stubbornly out of the rocky snow-covered ground. Twenty of the dead face the setting sun. They sit a cook fire. Staring mindlessly into the leaping flames, something bubbles. It doesn’t smell good. Nearby, meat rots. Gerald climbs the small rise, loose stonesContinue reading “Out West”

29 Rapp

With blood-speckled lips he speaks his final words, “my sweet,” then nothing. His soulmate drops his hand, bringing her own to the silent scream pouring from her mouth. *** The death blow came from a gargoyle pushed from above. She wants to shout that he’s an artist, a stone mason’s son, he only looks rich.Continue reading “29 Rapp”

Timeless Birth

The waves of eternity crash against the rocky coast of forever. The rays of love and acceptance are setting, but still wash a warmth over all. Soon it will be replaced with the blue moon of peace and serenity. A never ending cycle in bliss. A soft whisper caresses the consciousness. “This is the pointContinue reading “Timeless Birth”

Famous Last Words

The old orc stands, turning milky-blind eyes toward the intruder. He wrinkles his nose smelling the air. “Do I know you human?’ he snarls. ‘Have I tasted your blood?” The epic of the knight’s life has lead him here. “Speak!” Grunk takes a step, a withered left leg fails him. His ancient face scrunches inContinue reading “Famous Last Words”

Wish Granted

With a deep bellow the mountain raises and the Earth shakes. The ground is torn. Large roots and rocks pour from the being’s undercarriage. It moves its head, swiveling it from side to side, its mouth opening and closing, bits of stone chipping off its gnashing teeth, crashing into the forest below as its tongueContinue reading “Wish Granted”


A wicked black thing, blowing grey smoke, screams through fluffy white clouds. Blobs of muscle move along the deck. The glint of sun on sharp metal and the chant of a war song announce intent. It’s the Rever. An orc run skyship known for dealing out death. The reason for never taking shortcuts. The oldContinue reading “Airship”

City of Thought

“What is it?” asks the boy. He has asked many questions. “It is the city that houses the intellect of the Universe,” says the old man who holds his hand. He is patient and kind and has been answering the boy’s every query since their journey began many moments ago. Time is an illusion. TheyContinue reading “City of Thought”