Tam’s Soul

In this life, Tam Duc is eighty-five years old, weighs thirty-eight kilograms and travels from the Northern island of Cát Bà, to Năm Căn on the one leg remaining after meeting a French landmine 72 years ago. It is a journey of 2000 kilometers. Năm Căn is nothing more than the Southernmost tip of Vietnam.Continue reading “Tam’s Soul”

The Illusion of Comfort

The pass is black with shadows. A bitter wind eats at the exposed skin of the brother and sister as they push through. They trudge through ice-crusted snow that breaks with each step plunging their legs knee-deep into the powder. Their homespun breeches and leather ankle booties do nothing to ward off the cold. MarineContinue reading “The Illusion of Comfort”

Box of Dubious Delights

“It’s ugly here,” the little boy in the thrift-store flannel jacket whines. He walks ten feet in front kicking at brown scrub. He isn’t wrong the boy’s Dad notes, but in the tradition of long fought wars of fathers never admitting defeat this progenitor will not concede the battle either. “Maybe there is beauty inContinue reading “Box of Dubious Delights”


On winter solstice, the farmer’s boy overhears the barn animals talking. Horse conspires with Milk-Cow,”We will feed the humans to Pig.” Pig objects, “are they kosher?” Neighing the horse shakes his head. “I’ll do it,” volunteers Goat, but morning arrives rendering them dumb saving the humans till next year.

The Injured Rest in Death

Smoke and clamor of battle surround. With a trembling hand, Talia wipes sooty sweat from her brow. This small moment earns her a slicing blow across the shoulders from the Underguard’s whip, “Move, you beast!” She does. With a groan, she lifts another pitch impregnated iron ball onto the trebuchet. No sooner does she releaseContinue reading “The Injured Rest in Death”