First Sarge

At one time he was powerful with muscle and strength. He wore stripes on his collar and soldiers cowered when he walked by. Now that is all gone, he is a mere shadow of his former self. A man with disappointments and a life almost done. He has a place he likes. A bench onContinue reading “First Sarge”

Tunnel Rats

They were the fodder of the infantry, the little boots, the walking dead. Eleven bang bangs, through and through, but guys with almost no hope of going back home. Maybe the infantry was filled with the illiterate, criminals, the roughened variety. And maybe these men were all of that and more, but they were alsoContinue reading “Tunnel Rats”

Gypsy Assassin

He smiles. It’s a simple upward twitch of the corners of his mouth. It’s barely a movement, yet it turns him from stranger into friend. The baron watches him flip a card and lay it on the table between them. The gypsy taps it. It’s the eighth card in the cross. The last one toContinue reading “Gypsy Assassin”