Review: Alexa (or: Fear the Amazon Echo Show it may take over the world)

We got an Alexia and immediately changed her name to computer. My daughter calls her permuter and is very frustrated it won’t respond. My son goes to the source and demands his mother tell it dinosaur when the dinosaurs stop scrolling. Some thoughts going in. First why? “It better give me the recipes without meContinue reading “Review: Alexa (or: Fear the Amazon Echo Show it may take over the world)”


Review: Patrick Melrose

To my left is an episode of Patrick Melrose¬†on pause. It is the second episode of the first season. There is a door closed. Around is dark yellow and the symbolism at work in the scene previous was a salamander. I did not know of Patrick Melrose, the books, character or that ShowTime was producingContinue reading “Review: Patrick Melrose”

Review: “Crank” by Artur Karlov

Jimmy has no arms, see? Never had any. Was born like this. Almost every baby born after the war is missing parts. Some don’t have limbs, like Jimmy. Some have bits of the face missing. Some lack internal organs. Those are the lucky ones. They don’t live too long after the cord is cut. LessContinue reading “Review: “Crank” by Artur Karlov”