There is an art to joining broken things together. To mending the unmendable. To making right great wrongs.

The words, spoken though, by the former Chinese president as the world watched, don’t erase what was lost, the millions of lives. The poverty, hunger, civil unrest.

And a lever was pulled. Judgment complete.

“Give them Koolaide,” he famously said when things where at their worst, never accepting the reality and what caused the global pandemic in the first space.

“We are at war,” the new president said famously on her way from Marine 1 into the West Wing, the man she replaced not even fully cold in the ground yet, dead by the very disease that the world could see slipped from Wuhan laboratory. Koolaide, a rallying cry, and, famously, in generation Double-Zed style, they followed Winnie the Pooh all the away to Beijing.

History will find the stylized bear, decked out like Rambo, stenciled in black spray paint on a swatch of Chinese soil one hundred miles wide. The points death came stretching from India, South Korea, and South Pacific. Forces led by Australia and supported by the North American/European alliance.

It’ll be called the One Percenter War though the number of dead was much higher.

But death stopped mattering around that point.

Koolaide, no thank you, the people screamed, burning city after city. Plunder and worthless baubles the only things slowing them down.

When the revolution was over, the disease slammed home again, and stayed for three years. Anyone and everyone a bit frail bought it. Seven million deaths happened on July 4th, 2028, alone. Ironically, it was the same day looters put flames to a bunch of towers in New York City. The towers all once had a single name emblazoned on their front, a name no longer spoken in polite company. Considered blasphemous to mention. Heinous as incest and child murder.

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  1. jyvurentropy says:

    The name on those towers was Trump I bet


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