Just a Little Thing

Did I ever tell you the story of what’s inside the house—


No? Okay, maybe home?

Fine, better, go ahead.

The home is handmade.



That’s not a thing.

Findmade’s not a thing?

Maybe you mean gathered?

Maybe I mean gathered.

Maybe you aren’t very good at this.


Telling a story.

Would you rather?

Maybe I should.


Published by Bryan

I am an army vet, husband, and father of twins, I am currently working on my next publication, a collection of military fiction, and next year will be publishing an apocalyptic science fiction novel. My urban noir novel, "Compounded Interest," can be purchased on Amazon. I host a podcast on creativity called Origin: Stories on Creativity and co-host the soon-to-be-released show on speculative fiction called Mirage with fantasy author R. Emma Hardcastle. My youtube channel is: The Origin podcast feed is: For updates on "Mirage" and future publications follow me on twitter: @bryaiello More of my short fiction can be found at: My amazon author page is:

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