Character Building

“All right, so far, we have three pretty solid characters. This campaign, I want to add in weaknesses. You guys spend any time thinking about this? Anything you want your character to endure?”

“Thurman wants to die in combat. It is why he bothers waking in the morning.”

“Perfect, I love it. Add a plus three to wisdom and a negative one to armor. Missledore?”

“I want him to wear skimpy sandals, with most of his toes exposed.”

“That sounds pretty dumb. Talk me into allowing it as a weakness.”

“It’ll make him even more spritely in combat. You know, motivation not to get his toes crushed. Does that work?”

I’ll allow it, add a negative one to armor and a positive one to dex. Okay, and Priscilla?.

No, Prince Ellia!

Oh, okay… did you pick a—”

“I want my dude to be barefoot and carry a giant spear and spiked guitar into combat.

“Are you being stupid?”

“No, I’m serious.”


“He plays the guitar with his toes while he stabs at the mobs with the spear.”

“I’ll allow it, negative ten to intelligence.”


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