Billie Wayne Coble

marine IIToday I am intrigued by the idea of executed-killer Billie Wayne Coble’s [BWC] military record.

Vietnam marine vet and that’s all I could learn.

Kills people for his country, comes home kills three more people before being put to death a week or so ago.

His victims didn’t ask to die.

But I am sure 18 y.o 5$ Bill didn’t ask to be drafted and forced to kill or be killed for his country either.

As a newly arrived outsider to this case, it really feels to me like justice was the farthest thing from the prosecutor’s mind.

The ball was dropped.marine

No justice.

Before he killed his inlaws he was arrested and released. He was in crisis. Might say it was a different time, but the same shit happens today, trust me.

Who failed who?

Just a reminder we have been at war for almost two decades now.

Trained killers just like BWC who know death and might even consider their hands already bloody.

Is it easier to keep killing once you’ve started?

I don’t have an earthly idea, but imagine so, and just hope someone had the presence of mind to ask BWC before spiking his vein.


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