The Day I became best friends with Robert Picardo!



Going through my NYCC haul and decided to post some stuff I thought stood out. Sorry for the delay, its been a bit hellish around here lately.

This post might also contain the worst video on the internet. I rathered watch the speech then film it, but for you all, I divided my attention… very very poorly.

Okay, so me and Robert Picardo did not become friends.


But he does have an open invitation to appear on my podcast anytime he wishes.

This video was taken in a park outside NYCC as I watched a few interesting people take this stage. One man, Kevin Hines, survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, he described his life and his recovery, believe me, it was intense. I wish I had recorded his words also. After Kevin left the stage he walked right up to a random guy and started talking with him and my heart stopped. It took me a second to realize who the rando was.

Basically, I am a huge Trekkie, but as an excuse in New York, everyone looks famous.

So they shake hands and after a small conversation Picardo takes the stage and unpacks an important message about Christine Blasey Ford and the Kavanaugh hearings (yes it has taken me a while.)

But I’m in shock, I mean I look over and wham there is Robert Picardo. On my birthday no less. I mean if you are going to bump into a Star Trek person anywhere it would have to be outside a comic con, but still, there is no greater thrill than noticing someone you respect being a normal dude breathing in the same air as you.

Check out his website for an idea where to catch him. Looks like he was at the London Fringe Festival with a play in August I wish I had known about, but wasn’t meant to be viewed by me.

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