Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction #43 Slasher Fiction (not Slash Fiction) W/ Lee Forman

Episode 43 of Mirage, Lee Forman is back this time we Speculate on Slasher Fiction and fiction and film.

Episode 43 of Mirage, Lee Forman is back this time we Speculate on Slasher Fiction and fiction and film.

“Slasher is a very popular horror film subgenre, but it is also a term used to describe books of the same nature. Slasher Horror often involves a large cast of victims that are slaughtered one by one. The antagonist is usually a psychopathic murderer that acts alone. The deaths are brutal and graphic. Torture is also common in Slasher stories. The psycho in the Slasher subgenre mostly prefers cutting tools. A knife, axe, chainsaw, machete, etc. Other methods could be used as well though: meat hook, pick axe, baseball bat. A lot of gore and sexual themes are common in these novels.” –http://besthorrornovels.com/slasher-horror.html


Lee A. Forman, is a writer and editor from the Hudson River Valley, NY. His work has been published in numerous magazines, anthologies, podcasts, and websites.

He’s an editor for Sirens Call Publications and writes for the horror fiction website PenoftheDamned.com.

He’s also a writer for The Lift, a story podcast with a Twilight Zone kind of theme.

He also writes for Living Paranormal Magazine.

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