Review: Alexa (or: Fear the Amazon Echo Show it may take over the world)

We got an Alexia and immediately changed her name to computer. My daughter calls her permuter and is very frustrated it won’t respond.

My son goes to the source and demands his mother tell it dinosaur when the dinosaurs stop scrolling.

Some thoughts going in.

First why?

“It better give me the recipes without me having to touch the screen at all while I am cooking.”

That’s the fantasy I told Han. I want a frustration-free experience where recipes are just there. I have actually not cooked anything yet using it as a display, but I am certain that will change, and I will update this line.

(No you won’t, liar!)

Second: I want it to somehow connect to google chrome and do stuff like open shows and what not.

I live too much in the future. I was picturing like casting content from the… just realized is it called and Echo and the voice is Alexia?

Well anyway, Han, my wife wanted it bad, which means no matter the fantasy or desire we were getting one.

Out of the box, the thing could not have been more simple to set up. Almost, well no, exactly like signing into Amazon with the addition of picking the right wifi signal. The Echo is an oddly shaped box, there is probably a geographical term for the shape, maybe only Jeff Bezos knows it, and I applaud anyone else who does also.

Unfortunately, I don’t.  Don’t even have a clue how one would even look that up. I tried googling, ‘shape of echo show’ and I noted that the shape was picked more for a concern of function and putting the device someplace where it is usable and out of the way.

It sits heavy on its base, and though not heavy it’s not something I wouldn’t want to use on the couch.

Once signed in and ready to use, I made certain of one thing.

“Computer, are you going to take over the world.”

Inconclusively the thing played coy, pretending not to understand the question.

echo 2


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