#78 The Great Star Wars Prequel Rewrite

Not long ago I was on the subreddit /r/scifiwriters looking for a writing challenge and stumbled across this post about rewriting the Star Wars prequels.

The ideas expressed were amazing and 100% engaging, but depressing in that I wanted this movie I was reading about and not the movies I got.

I also I wanted more so I reached out to author and invited him to be on Origin.

Relenting he chose to be anonymous, which is total cool, but said I could call him Ben.

Ben has a film career and would much rather his prequel project speak for itself rather than be overshadowed by his other accomplishments.

His knowledge of the Star War universe and films in astounding and this has turned into one of my favorites podcasts and my longest.

We recorded it over two days and I spliced it together.

Ben is also interested in community feedback and involvement and has stated he would love to see his ideas fleshed out in a graphic novel.

He has a subreddit for the rewrites here:


And he welcomes messages at his reddit handle:


He also promises more to come.


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Kevin MacLeod ~ Mountain Emperor


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