The dream feels wet and cold. He has to pee and does. It’s uncomfortable lying there, soaked in urine and looking into her eyes. Big brown eyes, rimmed with tears and shadowed with terror.

“Why so sad, Marie?” a voice like melting ice asks and he realizes it’s his own mouth that uttered the words.

She doesn’t answer.

He feels so tired, so weak, ready to close his eyes and sleep.

The air is pungent with mold. The floor, slick with slime. His ears are filled with the haunting sound of a humming moan, creaking wood, and scratching nails on slick boards.

Then the crack of bones and the sloppy drip of a messy meal.

His eyes drift closed and it feels so good.

Dark.  Falling.

His eyes open and the green, glowing light returns. It’s misty. Surrounding. A foggy night before a horrible storm.

The moaning song stops.

The floor shakes as, from out of the glow, a creature, with eight tentacles that move and touch and graze, emerges. Two yellow eye land on him and his skin shivers yet he lays there, fighting sleep. The creature steps forward on four massive legs.  Cold water dances in the air with each concussive step.

The monster’s tentacles spread open revealing a tooth-lined maw and suddenly Marie and he aren’t alone anymore.

She has white skin and hair slicked back on her scalp. Her eyes are hollow black sores and her mouth gapes open, allowing her swollen pink tongue to flop against her chin.

Marie lifts herself onto her left arm, her head bobs loose on her neck. Her eyes search his, they plead with him. The fingers on her right-hand wiggle as if she wants to touch him, hold his hand, grab onto him, but she falls back to the briny planking as if the subtle movements are too much for her.

The girl with the face of a corpse and knee-high wool dress, black socks, shiny black shoes floats closer. She floats on the air, weaving slowly toward Marie. The girl touches the wood floor and brushes up against Marie’s right leg and sticks like a frog’s tongue to a fly.

The girl was bait and drags Maire back to the wide-open mouth.

Marie opens her own mouth as if to scream, but merely drools a long string of saliva.

The girl folds in half over Marie and drags one of her legs into the gaping mouth. The mouth closes with sickening results. With the crack of bone, Marie falls, sans a leg, to the ground. Blood spurts from the wicked wound, but Marie is done. Her eyes flutter closed and her face relaxes, as she sleeps.

The corpse floats again for Marie. It grabs the thigh of the half-devoured leg and pulls her into the monstrosity’s mouth. The girl folds again in half and Marie’s bottom half up to her waist disappears.

Another sickening chomp and she is halved and falls to the ground with her insides unraveling from her body.

One bite at a time, he watches Marie be eaten and the horror of it stays buried underneath a horrible exhaustion.

Then she is gone and with four booming footsteps, it’s his turn.



Art by: kredepops


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