Tiger Lilly

Drone T1-6 (1 of 6) hovers, one time compliant. Its pilot, light years from Kepler 1b stationed at Houston Lunar Base Earth or Schiaparelli crater on Mars, is probably mashing their fire button at this very moment, hoping to kill the Earth Terrorist known as the Alnamar Laylaa.

The terrorist stands on the lip of a dormant, frozen volcano.

She gives the drone a little wave and smile before ending the feed.

Laylaa wishes she could see the pilot’s face as they futilely work their controls.

With a few clicks on her Augmented Reality keyboard, she removes the pirated drone from the radar and hunts down her first kill.

The Sol System Space organization has spent trillions of credits finding her. Sadly they succeeded because she let them.

She’s a decoy.

Using AR controls, she flips the drone around and immediately dispatches the green glow marked (2 of 6).

Alnamar Laylaa doesn’t consider herself a terrorist for helping millions of people flee the SSS domination of the Sol system to set up a homestead in another galaxy.

Those are her people. The people of her father’s father and she will spend the rest of her life keeping their location secret.

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