# 49 Richard Keller


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There’s no need to think about Richard Keller. You just need to look him up on Google. However, he is not the dentist, doctor, accountant, or the pallbearer at someone’s funeral. Richard helps others cross the bridge to their creative souls. He does this at Wooden Pants Media, the publishing and broadcasting company he founded in 2014. Through it, Richard has published over a dozen books by numerous authors and has recorded almost 300 podcasts for writers, entrepreneurs, and others.

Richard is an author himself of the short story anthology Coffee Cup Tales and the humorous essay book Thinking Inside my Box. He has also produced and spoken millions of words for USA Today, Businessweek, Rocky Mountain Parent, KRFC radio, CJMQ radio, and others. Richard is currently on a digital nomad tour of the U.S. and the world to help others realize their creative dreams.







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