#41 Andre Govier

Andre Govier is working towards two things.

Combating illiteracy.

And combating Rett Syndrome.

Starting his literary career he was very conscious that many people find big complicated books a challenge

So he decided to write short first-person narratives. His target audience was teens and young adults but he has found people in the 30 – 50 enjoy his stories also.

He intends to publish two more additions in the series before Christmas

After a hiatus for an important personal project.

During Summer 2017, however, he is working on a book for Charity. All profits of which will go to “Living Like Livvy,” a project that supports ‘Reverse Rett.’

For more information on the subject of his book, Olivia Georgia Meredith head to http://www.livvyssmile.co.uk/

For more information on Rett Syndrome check out this video:

Andre Govier’s Amazon author page:






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