#30 Assaph Mehr

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Assaph grew up stumbling over historical relics in Isreal. He now lives in Sydney, Australia avoiding drop bears and the poisonous… everything of the Australian tropics along with his wife Julia, four kids and two cats.

By day he is a martial artist, software product manager, bridging the gap between developers and users, and by night he’s a super hero fighting crime… oops wrong notes, that’s the other guy (winky emoticon), oh yes Assaph is a writer– he seems to do his best writing after midnight and not waiting for his super symbol to grace the sky.

Check out his short fiction and an excerpt of his second Felix the fox novel on his website https://egretia.com/

He can be followed on twitter @assaphmehr

and not opening jars for little old ladies and saving people from burning buildings.


Check out my fiction at bryanaiello.com

and for updates on everything show and for writing related follow me on twitter @bryaiello



(Royalty-Free Music) Track 4 – Rome Approaches

Published on Sep 19, 2013
Track – Rome Approaches
Artist – whateversoundstudio
This track was made in anticipation for Total War: Rome II.
Image Link: http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/02/28/tot…
Download Link: N/A


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