#28 H.G. Chambers

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H.G. Chambers


Born in British Columbia, Canada, he spent much of his youth on Maui…


If that is not enough to hate him

He also flies helicopters…

Is a musician…

A graphic designer…

and a fantasy sci-fi writer with knack for marketing…

To top it all off he is a really great conversationalist.

Here are his links:

Author website:
Amazon listing:
Amazon author page:
Goodreads author page:
Goodreads book page:

book funnel

Twitter: @hgcbooks

indie marketing guru: Mark Dawson

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Published by Bryan Aiello

Raised on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Bryan served in the Army, graduated from the University of South Florida and now calls Brooklyn home. For more of his fiction and updates on his podcasts, follow him on Twitter: @bryaiello and Reddit: /u/voyage_of_roadkill.

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