A Moment in Beauty

She wakes and her beauty demeans. She steps into the shower and exfoliates and dries with Egyptian cotton and applies her sephora makeup and slips into Versace clothes and Jimmy Choo shoes and steps out to do day.

And the world stops.

Women scoff and men follow her. Her just being alive is not enough.

Men cat call and demand attention, “Hey baby, don’t you want to be my girlfriend.”

Women whisper behind her back, “you fucking slut.”

She gets to work and receives sickening special treatment, like the desk with a view and the Paris trip with the boss.


Published by Bryan

I am an army vet, husband, and father of twins, I am currently working on my next publication, a collection of military fiction, and next year will be publishing an apocalyptic science fiction novel. My urban noir novel, "Compounded Interest," can be purchased on Amazon. I host a podcast on creativity called Origin: Stories on Creativity and co-host the soon-to-be-released show on speculative fiction called Mirage with fantasy author R. Emma Hardcastle. My youtube channel is: The Origin podcast feed is: For updates on "Mirage" and future publications follow me on twitter: @bryaiello More of my short fiction can be found at: My amazon author page is:

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