Poor Chickens

Thomas wears a grey tweed suit that matches his pallor and limply hangs on his tall thin stooped frame.

He stops and eyes the tour group while laying a hand on a red button next to a rolling door on the front of a giant warehouse.

He states, “There are over fifty billion chickens held in captivity world wide and long ago most of them were beaked, meaning the hard keratin shell that covers the the upper-maxilla and lower-mandible has been removed.

An old lady in the back gasps in horror.

“Its okay my dear, its supposed to be painless and reduces chicken cannibalism,’ he says in a soothing voice while hitting the red button and turns to face the rising door.

A cloud of ammonia scented bird guano seeps out along with the sad moan of depressed clucking.


  1. UP says:

    Ewwwww! I may never eat again!
    Good job!

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  2. This is a powerful statement and illustration of the horrible way our food industry often treats animals. It is cruel and barbaric, and it is morally wrong. Perhaps it would be good if those in charge of such foul fowl operations came back in their next life as a chicken and ended up in just such a place. What is wrong with people anyway, that they do such things and think it is justifiable? It sickens me, really.
    Josie Two Shoes


  3. Welcome to the Six Sentence Story. powerful Six, thanks a lot*
    * just kidding, very well done, the fun and the challenge of this format is to pull off something, as you have, a story that engages the reader, all in six sentences.

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  4. R L Cadillac says:

    Thank you for your service as an Army veteran.

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  5. Well told. If you wonder why i’m vegan, you just answered the question.

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  6. zoe says:

    Makes me so sad and a vegetarian. This is why our clucking girls roam free.


    1. Bryan Aiello says:

      I want a coop of free roamers. So jealous!


  7. This was so well told, albeit depressingly.

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