Old Times

At sixty she got stuck with a mind that refused to function like it should. A mind that forgot more then it retained. Yet everyday she thinks of France. She fantasizes about fresh baked baguettes smeared with soft creamy brie, and rude waiters talking down to her as if being American was a disease.

“We should go.”

“Mom, you’ve been to France. We went last year.”

Then she remembers.

Her daughter is 20 and getting married.

Thirty with kids.

Forty and no longer visits.

That her life is almost done.

She forgets all this again and tomorrow longs for France anew.




Photo by:

Sandra Cook


  1. My Dad just passed away a few weeks ago, and my Mom has slowly been losing her ability to concentrate and remember things. She’s still pretty independent, but I suspect the day will come when she’ll be moving in with us.

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  2. Good job of capturing the reality of life there, Bryan. I’ve seen this same scenario play out time and time again in my years working with the Elderly. Sad, but real.


  3. Like the line from Casablanca, my second reference to that movie today ;-), we’ll/she’ll always have Paris. Nice story.

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